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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
Waits, TomClosing Time1973LP
Waits, TomThe Heart of Saturday Night1974LP
Waits, TomNighthawks at the Diner1975LP
Waits, TomBlue Valentine1978LP
Waits, TomHeartattack and Vine1980LP
Waits, TomBounced Checks1981LP
Waits, TomSwordfishtrombones1983LP
Waits, TomRain Dogs1985LP
Waits, TomFranks Wild Years1987LP
Waits, TomBig Time1988LP
Waits, TomBone Machine1992CD
Waits, TomThe Black Rider1993CD
Waits, TomMule Variations1999CD
Was (Not Was)Walk the Dinosaur198712" 45
Watson, HelenBlue Slipper1987LP
Watson, HelenThe Weather Inside1989LP
Weller, PaulStanley Road1995CD
Wendy and LisaFruit at the Bottom1989LP
West Side StoryBernstein1985LP
Who, TheMy Generation, The Very Best of The Who1996CD
Wilder, WebbHybrid Vigor1989LP
Wilder, Webb and the BeatniksIt Came from Nashville1988LP
Wilson PhillipsHold On199012" 45
WingsBand on the Run1973LP
WingsRed Rose Speedway1973LP
WingsVenus and Mars1975LP
WingsWings at the Speed of Sound1976LP
WingsWings Over America1976LP
WingsLondon Town1978LP
WingsBack to the Egg1979LP
Winwood, SteveBack in the High Life1986LP
Winwood, SteveRoll With It1988LP
Wolfgang Press, TheFunky Little Demons1994CD
Womack & WomackLove Wars1983LP
Womack & WomackConscience1988LP
Wombles, TheThe Best Wombles Album So Far1998CD

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