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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
QueenQueen II1974LP
QueenSheer Heart Attack1974LP
QueenA Night at the Opera1975LP
QueenA Day at the Races1976LP
QueenNews of the World1977LP
QueenLive Killers1979LP
QueenThe Game1980LP
QueenFlash Gordon - Original Soundtrack1980LP
QueenGreatest Hits1981LP
QueenHot Space1982LP
QueenRadio Ga Ga198412" 45
QueenThe Works1984LP
QueenOne Vision1985LP
QueenA Kind of Magic1986LP
QueenLive Magic1986LP
QueenThe Miracle1989LP
QueenLive at Wembly '861992LP
QueenMade In Heaven1995CD
QuireboysA Bit of What You Fancy1990LP

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