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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
MadonnaLike a Virgin198412" 45
MadonnaLike a Virgin198412"
MadonnaLike a Virgin1984LP
MadonnaAngel198512" 45
MadonnaHoliday198512" 45
MadonnaInto the Groove198512" 45
MadonnaVogue199012" 33
MadonnaVogue199012" 45
MadonnaThe Immaculate Collection1990CD
MadonnaI'm Breathless - Music from and Inspired by the film Dick Tracy1990LP
Mancini, Henry and His OrchestraThe Pink Panther and Other Hits1992CD
Manilow, BarryLive1977LP
Manilow, BarryManilow Magic - The Best of Barry Manilow1979LP
MarillionMisplaced Childhood1985LP
Marley, Bob and the WailersExodus1977LP
Massive AttackProtection1994CD
Massive AttackMezzanine1998CD
Mavericks, TheMusic for All Occasions1995CD
Mazzy StarShe Hangs Brightly1990LP
Mazzy StarSo Tonight That I Might See1993CD
Mazzy StarAmong My Swan1996CD
McCartney, PaulMcCartney II1980LP
McCartney, PaulFlowers in the Dirt1989LP
McKee, MariaMaria McKee1989LP
McKee, MariaYou Gotta Sin To Get Saved1993CD
McKennitt, Loreenathe mask and mirror1994CD
McKennitt, LoreenaThe Book of Secrets1997CD
McLachlan, SarahFumbling Towards Ecstasy1994CD
McLachlan, SarahSurfacing1997CD
McLaren, Malcolm and the Bootzilla OrchestraWaltz Darling1989LP
McLaren, Malcolm and the Bootzilla OrchestraHouse of the Blue Danube198912" 45
McLaren, Malcolm and the House of McLarenDeep in Vogue199012" 45
McLaren, Malcolm presents The World Famous Supreme TeamRound the Outside1990LP
Mead, AbigailI Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor198712" 45
Meat LoafBad Attitude1984LP
Mel & KimF.L.M.1987LP
Michael, GeorgeFaith1987CD
Michael, GeorgeListen Without Prejudice1990LP
Michael, GeorgeOlder1996CD
Mike and the MechanicsLiving Years1988LP
Miller Band, The SteveGreatest Hits 1976-19861987LP
Miller, GlenThe Very Best of Glen Miller1983LP
Mitchell, JoniJoni Mitchell1968LP
Mitchell, JoniClouds1969LP
Mitchell, JoniLadies of the Canyon1970LP
Mitchell, JoniBlue1971LP
Mitchell, JoniFor the Roses1972LP
Mitchell, JoniCourt and Spark1973LP
Mitchell, JoniThe Hissing of Summer Lawns1975LP
Mitchell, JoniHejira1976LP
Mitchell, JoniDon Juan's Reckless Daughter1978LP
Mitchell, JoniWild Things Run Fast1982LP
Mitchell, JoniDog Eat Dog1985LP
Mitchell, JoniChalk Mark in a Rain Storm1988LP
Mitchell, JoniNight Ride Home1991LP
Mitchell, JoniTurbulent Indigo1994CD
Monkees, TheThe Monkees1981LP
Monty PythonAnother Monty Python Record1971LP
Monty PythonThe Monty Python Instant Record Collection1977LP
Moody BluesLong Distance Voyager1981LP
Moody BluesSur la Mer1988LP
Moody Blues, TheThis is The Moody Blues1974LP
MorcheebaBig Calm1998CD
Morissette, AlanisJagged Little Pill1995CD
Morissette, AlanisSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie1998CD
Morrison, VanBeautiful Vision1982LP
Motels, TheThe Motels1979LP
Motels, TheCareful1980LP
Motels, TheAll Four One1982LP
Motels, TheLittle Robbers1983LP
Motels, TheShame198512" 45
Motels, TheShock1985LP
Mould, BobWorkbook1989LP
Mouzon, AlphonseBack to Jazz1985LP
Mouzon, AlphonseLove, Fantasy1987LP

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