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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
Gabriel, PeterPeter Gabriel I1977LP
Gabriel, PeterPeter Gabriel II1978LP
Gabriel, PeterPeter Gabriel III1980CD
Gabriel, PeterPeter Gabriel III1980LP
Gabriel, PeterPeter Gabriel IV1982LP
Gabriel, PeterPlays Live1983LP
Gabriel, PeterBirdy - Music from the Film1984LP
Gabriel, PeterSo1986LP
Gabriel, PeterSledgehammer198612" 45
Gabriel, PeterPassion1989LP
Gabriel, PeterUs1992LP
Gabriel, PeterSecret World Live1994CD
Geils Band, The J.Freeze Frame1981LP
GenesisNursery Cryme1971LP
GenesisSelling England by the Pound1973CD
GenesisSelling England by the Pound1973LP
GenesisGenesis Live1973LP
GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway1974CD
GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway1974LP
GenesisA Trick of the Tail1976LP
GenesisWind and Wuthering1976LP
GenesisSeconds Out1977LP
Genesis...and then there were three...1978LP
GenesisThree Sides Live1982LP
GenesisIllegal Alien198312" 45
GenesisMama198312" 45
GenesisThat's All198312" 45
GenesisInvisible Touch1986LP
GenesisWe Can't Dance1991LP
Germano, LisaHappiness1994CD
Germano, LisaGeek the Girl1994CD
Gerrard, LisaThe Mirror Pool1995CD
Gerrard, Lisa & Peter BourkeDuality1998CD
Gerry and the PacemakersThe Best of Gerry and the Pacemakers1977LP
Gibbons Band, The SteveBirmingham to Memphis1993LP
Golden PalominosPrison of the Rhythm - The Remixes1993CD
Golden PalominosNo Thought, No Breath, No Eyes, No Heart (The Pure Remix EP)1995CD
Golden Palominos, TheThe Golden Palominos1983LP
Golden Palominos, TheBlast of Silence1986LP
Golden Palominos, TheA Dead Horse1989LP
Golden Palominos, TheDrunk with Passion1991LP
Golden Palominos, TheThis Is How It Feels1993CD
Golden Palominos, ThePure1994CD
Golden Palominos, Thedead inside1996CD
Golden Palominos, TheThe Best of The Golden Palominos 1983-19891997CD
Grateful DeadLive Dead1973LP
Grateful DeadAmerican Beauty1977LP
Grateful DeadIn the Dark1987LP
Gray, BarryMotion Picture Score and Theme from "Thunderbirds" Television SeriesCD
Gregson, Clive and Christine CollisterMischief1987LP
Gregson, Clive and Christine CollisterHome and Away1987LP
Griffith, NanciThere's a Light Beyond These Woods1982LP
Griffith, NanciOnce in a Very Blue Moon1984LP
Griffith, NanciPoet in My Window1985LP
Griffith, NanciLast of the True Believers1986LP
Griffith, NanciLone Star State of Mind1987LP
Griffith, NanciOne Fair Summer Evening1988LP
Griffith, NanciLittle Love Affairs1988LP
Griffith, NanciIt's a Hard Life Wherever You Go198912" 45
Griffith, NanciStorms1989LP
Griffith, NanciHeaven199112" 45
Griffith, NanciLate Night Grand Hotel1991LP
Griffith, NanciOther Voices/ Other Rooms1993CD
Griffith, NanciThe Best of Nanci Griffith1993CD
Griffith, NanciThe Flyer1994CD
Griffith, NanciOther Voices, Too A Trip Back to Bountiful)1998CD
Griffith, Nanci and the Blue Moon OrchestraBlue Roses From the Moons1997CD
GROSSE POINTE BLANKEMusic from the Film1997CD

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