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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
Dan Reed NetworkThe Heat1991LP
D'Arby, Terence TrentIntroducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby1987LP
D'Arby, Terence TrentNeither Fish Nor Flesh1989LP
Davis, MilesKind of Blue1962LP
Davis, MilesTutu1986LP
Davis, MilesAmandla1989LP
Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance1984LP
Dead Can DanceGarden of the Arcane Delights198412" 45
Dead Can DanceSpleen and Ideal1985LP
Dead Can DanceWithin the Realm of a Dying Sun1987LP
Dead Can DanceThe Serpent's Egg1988LP
Dead Can DanceAion1990LP
Dead Can DanceA Passage in Time1991CD
Dead Can DanceInto the Labyrinth1993CD
Dead Can DanceToward the Within1994CD
Dead Can DanceSpiritchaser1996CD
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers1984LP
Def LeppardPyromania1983LP
Def LeppardHysteria1987LP
Derek & CliveDerek & Clive (Live)1976LP
Derek & CliveCome Again1977LP
Derek & CliveAd Nauseam1978LP
Dire StraitsDire Straits1978LP
Dire StraitsLove Over Gold1982LP
Dire StraitsAlchemy - Dire Straits Live1984LP
Dire StraitsMoney for Nothing198512" 45
Dire StraitsBrothers in Arms1985LP
Dire StraitsOn Every Street1991LP
Dolby, ThomasAliens Ate My Buick1988LP
Donelly, TanyaLovesongs for Underdogs1997CD
Dorsey, Gail AnnThe Corporate World1988LP
Dread ZeppelinYour Time is Gonna Come199012" 45
Dread ZeppellinUn-led-ed1990LP
Dub SyndicateClassic Selection Volume 11989CD
Dub SyndicateStoned Immaculate1991CD
Dub SyndicateClassic Selection Volume 21991CD
Dub SyndicateEchomania1993CD
Dub SyndicateClassic Selection Volume 31994CD
Dub SyndicateItal Breakfast1996CD
Dub SyndicateResearch and Development1996CD
Dub SyndicateFear of a Green Planet1998CD
Dub WarPain1994CD
Duran DuranSeven and the Ragged Tiger1983LP
Duran DuranNotorious1986LP
Duran DuranDecade1989CD
Dylan, BobHighway 61 Revisited1965LP
Dylan, BobBlonde on Blonde1966LP
Dylan, BobGreatest Hits1966LP
Dylan, BobOh Mercy1989LP

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