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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
B-52's, TheThe B-52's1979CD
B-52's, TheThe B-52's1979LP
B-52's, TheWild Planet1980LP
B-52's, TheParty Mix1981LP
B-52's, TheMesopotamia1982LP
B-52's, TheWhammy!1983LP
B-52's, TheBouncing Off the Satellites1986LP
B-52's, TheChannel Z198912" 45
B-52's, TheCosmic Thing1989LP
B-52's, TheDance This Mess Around, The Best of the B-52's1990CD
B-52's, TheDeadbeat Club199012" 45
B-52's, TheLove Shack199012" 45
B-52's, TheRoam199012" 45
B-52's, TheRoam199012" 45
B-52's, TheGood Stuff1992LP
B-52's, TheTell It Like It T-I-Is!1992CD S
B-52's, TheGood Stuff1992CD S
Bacharach, BurtHit Maker! - Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits1965LP
Bacharach, BurtThe Best of Burt Bacharach1996CD
Bacharach, BurtThe Look of Love1996CD
Bacharach, Burt/ Hal DavidSongbook1988LP
Badalamenti, AngeloTwin Peaks1990LP
Badalamenti, AngeloTwin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me: OST1992CD
Bailey, Philip and Phil CollinsEasy Lover198412" 45
BananaramaThe Greatest Hits Collection1988LP
BanglesAll Over the Place1984LP
BanglesDifferent Light1985LP
BanglesHazy Shade of Winter198712" 45
BanglesEternal Flame198912" 45
Banks, TonyA Curious Feeling1979LP
Banks, TonyBankstatement1989LP
Banks, TonyStill1991LP
BauhausSwing the Heartache - The BBC SessionsLP
BC-52's(Meet) The Flintstones1994CD S
Beach Boys, The20 Golden GreatsLP
Beatles, The1962-1966LP
Beatles, The1967-1970LP
Beatles, ThePlease Please Me1963LP
Beatles, TheWith the Beatles1963LP
Beatles, TheBeatles for Sale1964LP
Beatles, TheA Hard Day's Night1964LP
Beatles, TheHelp!1965LP
Beatles, TheRubber Soul1965LP
Beatles, TheRevolver1966LP
Beatles, TheSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band1967LP
Beatles, TheThe Beatles (The White Album)1968LP
Beatles, TheAbbey Road1969LP
Beatles, TheLet It Be1970LP
Beatles, TheThe Beatles Ballads1980LP
Beatmasters, TheAnywayawanna1989LP
Beloved, TheHappiness1990LP
Benatar, PatIn the Heat of the Night1979LP
Benatar, PatCrimes of Passion1980LP
Benatar, PatShadows of the Night198212" 45
Benatar, PatGet Nervous1982LP
Benatar, PatTropico1984LP
Benatar, PatSeven the Hard Way1985LP
Benatar, PatSex as a Weapon198612" 45
Benatar, PatBest Shots1987CD
Benatar, PatWide Awake in Dreamland1988LP
Benatar, PatAll Fired Up198812" 45
Benson, GeorgeBreezin'1976LP
Berg, MatracaLying to the Moon1990LP
Berg, MatracaThe Speed of Grace1993CD
BerlinCount Three and Pray1986LP
BerlinTake My Breath Away198612" 45
Berry, HeidiLove1991LP
Big CountryThe Crossing1983LP
Big CountryThrough a Big Country - Greatest Hits1990LP
Black Crowes, TheShake Your Money Maker1990CD
BlondieParallel Lines1978LP
BlondieEat to the Beat1979LP
BlondieThe Best of Blondie1981LP
Blue Nile, TheA Walk Across the Rooftops1983LP
Blue Nile, TheHats1989LP
Blue Nile, TheThe Downtown Lights198912" 45
Blues BrothersMade in America1980LP
Blues Brothers, TheOriginal Soundtrack Recording1980LP
BlurThe Great Escape1995CD
Bomb the BassSay a Little Prayer198912" 45
Bon JoviSlippery When Wet1986LP
Bon JoviNew Jersey1988LP
Bon JoviCrossroad - The Best of Bon Jovi1994CD
Bon Jovi, JonBlaze of Glory1990LP
Bowie, DavidHunky Dory1971LP
Bowie, DavidThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars1972LP
Bowie, DavidDiamond Dogs1974LP
Bowie, DavidChangesonebowie1976LP
Bowie, DavidHeroes1977LP
Bowie, DavidChangestwobowie1981LP
Bowie, DavidLet's Dance1983LP
Bowie, DavidTonight1984LP
Bowie, David and Mick JaggerDancing in the Street198512" 45
Brand XUnorthodox Behaviour1976LP
Brand XDo They Hurt?1980LP
BreadThe Sound of Bread1977LP
Breeders, ThePod1990LP
Breeders, TheLast Splash1993CD
Brennan, MaireMaire1992LP
Brennan, MaireMisty Eyed Adventures1994CD
Brickell, EdiePicture Perfect Morning1994CD
Brickell, Edie & New BohemiansWhat I Am198812" 45
Brickell, Edie & New BohemiansShooting Rubberbands at the Stars1988LP
Brickell, Edie & New BohemiansLove Like We Do198912" 45
Brickell, Edie & New BohemiansCircle198912" 45
Brickell, Edie & New BohemiansGhost of a Dog1990LP
Brown, SamStop!1988LP
Brown, SamApril Moon1990LP
Brown, Sam43 Minutes......1992CD
Brown, SamBox1997CD
Browne, JacksonWorld in Motion1989LP
Brubeck Quartet, The DaveThe Great Concerts1988LP
Brubeck, DaveTake Five1979LP
Budd, Fraser, Guthrie, RaymondeThe Moon and the Melodies1986LP
Bush, KateThe Kick Inside1978LP
Bush, KateThe Dreaming1982LP
Bush, KateThe Sensual World1989LP
Bush, KateThe Sensual World198912" 45
Byrne, DavidRei Momo1989LP

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