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The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. The original and best guide to the Babylon 5 universe.

Jason King's Groovy Pad.

Jason King's Groovy Pad. Visit the home of the cool, suave, sophisticated and debonnair Mr King.

The Persuaders.

The Persuaders. Jaz, who runs "The Morning After" fan club, has this site which although most focussed on The Persuaders, also features most of ITC's other productions.

The Champions.

The Champions. Impressive looking site dedicated to the wunderkinds of NEMESIS, Craig, Richard and Sharon.

Television Heaven.

Laurence Marcus and Stephen Hulse present their own site devoted to a number of classic TV series.

The Saint.

The Official Saint fan club site.

Cult TV.

Australian list of TV links. Not the one run by the thief using a similar name for its site.

The Prisoner 

I am not a number... "The Prisoner", with lots of goodies.

The Official X - Files site.

The Official X - Files site.

Click here for STAR TREK: CONTINUUM.

The official Star Trek site.

Graham Masterton site.

Graham Masterton now has a site! He is a great writer of truly nasty horror novels, that make Stephen King and James Herbert seem like "Watch with Mother". (Showing my age there!)

Click here to go to the official ABBA homepage.

Twenty-five years after winning the Eurovision Song Contest, their record company, Polar Music AB, have finally set up an official ABBA web site.


Chartbusters can help track down those elusive items for you.


Developers of all manner of graphic and web software, including the industry standard Photoshop.

Joel Fabiani 

Joel, who played Stewart Sullivan in Department S, now has a site dedicated to him by Nahoko Ikeda. Nahoko isn't English, in case you hadn't guessed, but deserves a round of applause for the great selection that has been put together here.

Department S 

A band, not the TV series. Formed in the late 70s. Exquisite taste for the name, anyway!

The Champions 

As Da

Blofeld's Cat Persuaders tribute

Blofeld's Cat now has its own domain! All things Persuaders related may be found here.

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