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Jason King Episode Guide

From original ITC press releases

NB: Running order is as first shown on Bravo and does not correspond with ITC production order. Also, not all episodes have guides yet.

Episode: "Nadine"

A beautiful girl may be able to set a trap for a man's heart - but it takes more than beauty to bemuse the wits of a man like Jason King! Crooks who seek to use him as a dupe provide him with a glamorous companion.

Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) may be the author of a steady flow of best selling novels, but even the most prolific writers need inspiration. This is why he is in Greece and the much-needed inspiration, it seems, may come from a very beautiful girl named Nadine (INGRID PITT) He first sees her on the cover of a magazine left in his hotel room, and is intrigued when he spots the fact that this is a phoney cover as he confirms when he sends out for another copy of the same issues and finds that it has quite a different cover girl. Obviously, someone is making sure that he will recognise her when she does turn up, as she inevitably does as a guest in the hotel room next to his, As he anticipates, she makes a point of letting him meet her.

She allows him to diagnose that she is suffering from a broken love affair and it's not difficult for him to realise that she is engineering him into recommending that she should get away for a while. She agrees to his suggestion that they should tour Europe together. The game they play amuses him. They are drinking champagne, and he allows her to think he has passed out through drinking too much. He is well aware that she is stealing his key ring, equally well aware that she is using his key to drive away his car, and also aware of the fact that when she returns she puts the keys back again in his pocket. But why?

A man named Renzo (ALFRED MARKS) could have explained and so could his colleagues Achille (PATRICK MOWER) and Placide (AL MANCINI). All are in on the plot, though there is some disagreement over whether or not Nadine is the right agent for them. Nadin's "love cure" begins when she and Jason go to Italy. They drive from Brindisi to Rome; from Rome to Pisa. And there Jason decides that they will remain for a while, despite Nadine's efforts to persuade him to continue the journey to France. What would Mark Caine do now? Jason considers the matter, then goes to the garage to examine his car very, very carefully.

What he finds confirms his suspicions. The real moment of danger is now approaching. The crooks must be getting very frustrated and impatient. That this is so can be detected by Nadine's increasing efforts to persuade him to move on. Her failure to do so brings Renzo to his apartment, who is not in the least pleased when Jason tells him that the novel he is writing concerns a femme fatale who takes internationally known figures on pleasurable trips ..... trips across boarders where the customs men wouldn't be over-inquisitive about such popular and well-known personages as a prominent novelist.

Unfortunately for Renzo, Mark Caine is always one step ahead, as is Jason King. But Jason has some unpleasant moments ahead of him before he can convince Renzo that his latest smuggling exploit has been foiled...

Director: Cyril Frankel

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Episode: "A Deadly Line in Digits"

Jason King pits his writer's imagination against computerised crime - and becomes a Bulgarian master-crook! Extraordinarily clever big-scale robberies in London are being carried out with such skill that Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) is lured back to London from Switzerland by a ruse on the part of Whitehall's Sir Brian (DENNIS PRICE).

The crimes are being organised with split-second precision and without fear of detection because police in the area are being diverted in other directions. There is only one way it could be done. The thieves are using Scotland Yard's Crime Computer. But who is tapping the computer, and how?

Jason studies the Operations Room complex and meets the attractive but serious-minded Chief Programmer. Julia Marsh (JOANNA JONES), who introduces him to one of her Controllers, Superintendent Landon (PHILIP STONE). Julia herself demonstrates how all information is automatically tabulated and fed into various master channels. She is astonished at Jason's knowledge of the technicalities. As he points out, it would be impossible to intercept data before it gets into the computer, which means that someone is tapping a top secret link to some other unit - a monitoring unit for Government use.

Jason insists on information being fed into this link - false data that a Bulgarian named Miklos, head of a major Continental crime syndicate, will be arriving at London Airport. The ruse works. Jason, alias Miklos, is approached in his hotel by a smartly sophisticated young woman named Jan Ross (JAN WATERS) who explains that her friends are curious about him. What is a big Continental operator doing in London? Jason is invited to a party in her apartment. All the other guests are top crooks, and the man in charge appears to be Kenworthy (DONALD HOUSTON) who explains that this is a Crime-Con meeting. Crime-Con organises all the best crimes in London, and it is suggested to "Miklos" that he might be interested in linking up with Crime-Con in setting up a similar organisation in Rome.

Crime-Con works in an unusual way. It plans and carries out the robberies, which are auctioned with top crime bosses putting in bids for them. Crime-Con thus knows exactly how much will be received for each crime, and the successful bidders gamble on how much they will receive from the proceeds. Jason puts in a bid of £150,000 for one of the future robberies (which later shocks Sir Brian when he is asked to put up the money!) and is invited to learn more about the organisation by being present at the next robbery. Seeking Julia Marsh's co-operation, Jason persuades her to switch off the computer at the very moment the robbery is due to take place. There is, therefore, consternation when the equipment goes dead and the Crime-Con is in chaos. Not, Jason points out, a very convincing demonstration. Is this the sort of thing he is going to pay £150,000 for and which he is expected to promote in Rome?

Kenworthy, in desperation, agrees to take him to the Operations Room, but insists on his being blindfolded. Jason thus meets the head of the organisation - Scotland Yard's Superintendent Landon ...... but Landon sees through his disguise. Jason manages to escape, and now the whole of Landon's skilful organisation is put on to finding him. Jason finds himself the prey in London's strangest-ever man-hunt......


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Episode:"If It's Got to Go, It's Got to Go"

A visit to a German health farm proves to be far from healthy for Jason King. But why has he been tricked into going there? Munich, Germany. An exciting, lovely city. And made all the more exciting for Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) when he arrives there to find a lovely girl named Myra Borgen (JENNIFER HILARY) waiting for him in his hotel suite. She claims to be there on behalf of his publisher, but she seems to be more interested in his health than in the article she has been sent for him to dictate.

A visit to a health farm, she suggests, is what he needs. She knows of a very, very nice one not far away. The seed has been planted. Jason is not so much interested in any need there might be for him to go there but Myra's motive for the suggestion. He has no reason to regret acting on the suggestion, for most of the other patients there seem to be extremely glamorous girls who whoop with joy at the appearance of an attractive man, especially when one of them recognises him from the dust cover of a Mark Caine book she is reading. Greeting him most enthusiastically of all are two particularly stunning representatives of their sex, Nylene (NATASHA PYNE) and Suzanne (ANNA BRETT). Their enthusiasm is somewhat damped, however, by the hard-visaged Camp Commandant Sister Dryker (YOOTHA JOYCE) whose sense of discipline has a prison camp touch about it.

Jason would have found the simile more than apt had he followed Sister Dryker down the corridor to the surgery in which a Dr. Litz (JOHN LE MESURIER) is carrying out a strange treatment on a patent named Morgan (JON CROFT) and commenting: "Whoever trained him knew what they were doing ..... but he will break eventually." Meanwhile, Jason's chief worry is the frugal diet, which is not at all to the taste of a gourmet. With thoughts more on his stomach than anything else, he doesn't take Nylene very seriously when she says she has overheard Sister Dryker and Dr. Litz discussing plans to kill him - though, in fact, the man she had heard them talking about was Morgan.

She decides to 'phone the police, but her call is intercepted by Litz, who plunges a hypodermic syringe into her back just as she gets through to the police station. The call brings the police on the scene, in the shape of Inspector Gruman (GUY DEGHY) very soon after Jason has caught a glimpse of Morgan and has seen him shot. But their search reveals nothing and Dr. Litz is able to convince the Inspector that Jason is suffering from nervous stress. Jason is therefore now in jeopardy. He also has a mystery to solve. Who was the dead man? Why has he been killed? How is it that Nylene can remember nothing of her previous night's actions?

The appearance on the scene of Myra Borgen adds to the mystery, but later helps to solve it when she tells him that Morgan was a C.I.A. agent. And what is Myra?

Director: Cyril Frankel

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Episode: "Variations on a Theme"

Vienna - city of song. But the song has a sinister note for Jason King when rival factions seek to use him as bait to trap a double-agent. Alan Keeble is dead. Or so his girl-friend Greta Weiss (MAGDA KONOPKA) believes.

His friend of years back, Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE), also believes that the man who became a double-agent has met his death - until he receives a message from Greta asking him to go to Vienna. Keeble has communicated with her, asking her to contact Jason because he needs his help. Double Agents lead dangerous lives, and both the British and the Russians suspect that Keeble is still alive. Both have reasons to believe that he is heading for Vienna. And both want him. Jason King is therefore the subject of close interest.

The British, headed by John (JULIAN GLOVER) and the Russians, headed by Dischev (MICHAEL DAVID) and Balenkov (JANOS KURUCZ), both use ruses to keep Jason in Vienna until Keeble turns up, and their ruses are identical. They warn him to get out of Vienna, which is a sure way of keeping him there! The Russians also send one of their most glamorous secret agents, Alexandra (ALEXANDRA BASTEDO), to Vienna, knowing Jason's susceptibility to the opposite sex. She poses as a Swedish journalist who wants to interview him. She also bugs his telephone so that any conversations he might have with Greta will be tape-recorded.

Jason arranges one meeting after another with Greta, but she senses danger and fails to keep the appointments until they manage to meet at last in a casino, where they arrange a code. And at last he receives the coded message that Keeble (RALPH BATES) has arrived and a rendezvous is fixed. Keeble is close to desperation. His greatest hope lies in a little black book which is full of vital information. Can Jason arrange with the British to guarantee him immunity in exchange for this book? Jason goes to the British agent, John, who at first tries to persuade him to double-cross Keeble, then agrees to make a deal. But Jason doesn't trust him.

What shall he say when he sees Keeble again - that the answer is "Yes" or "No"?


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Episode: "Buried in the Cold, Cold Ground"

It's always a chancy business to give a lift in a car to a pretty girl hitch-hiker and even chancier to give one to a released prisoner. Jason King finds the plot for his next Mark Caine novel when he does so!

Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) is not the sort of man to ignore the thumbing of a pretty girl hitch-hiker, so he finds himself with a very attractive companion on his journey to his villa in the South of France when he gives a lift to a girl named Felicity (MICHELE DOTRICE). He is less enthusiastic about the idea of stopping to pick up a man who hails him further along the road, but Felicity persuades him to do so. He therefore has a second passenger, Lanz (LEWIS FIANDER), and finds himself driving straight into the plot for his next Mark Caine novel. For one thing, Lanz has a tin box in his possession; for another, he is very scared when he realises that two men are following them in another car. This is why he suddenly hands over the box to Jason, asking him if he will deliver it to an address in Avignon.

He leaves the car when the they reach the next fork in the road. Lanz is, in fact, a newly released prisoner. The two men following him are Dacre (FREDERICK JAEGER) and Sandro (GARY RAYMOND). They have been waiting for his release, and they want what he has got. When they corner him, and he refuses to talk, Lanz is killed. Dacre, though, has recognised Jason King and manages to obtain further information to help him in his hunt. Meanwhile, Jason has opened the tin. It contains a Bible. A perfectly ordinary Bible except for the fact that on one page some of the letters are pin-punctured. The coded message reads: "LE JEUNE. CROIX. TRIANGLE".

The intrigued Jason mutilates the page so that no-one else could read the message and duly delivers the tin to Lanz's sister (IRENA MAYESKA), who is completely baffled. So are Jason and Felicity, who work hard at trying to understand the message. It is only after Felicity has suggested that it might refer to a place that Jason hits on part of the solution, which takes him to a village named St. Paul Le Jeune. It is here that he discovers that the other words represent signs used by tramps. A tramp called Mistral (REG LYE) is induced to reveal that the triangle indicates a woman and the cross that she is a generous woman.

One such local woman is an artist, Zoe Ballard (LYN ASHLEY), who tells him that she often allows tramps to stay in a stone cave on her land, and it is here that Jason finds the answer to the mystery. Under a slab is a heavy metal chest, its contents the stolen money Lanz has hidden there and which Dacre and Sandro are seeking - and a full explanation which Lanz has had the forethought to provide by sending a letter to Jason. But Dacre and Sandro are now there as well.......


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Episode: "As Easy as A.B.C."

A couple of crooks try to turn fiction into fact by copying the crimes created by Jason King in his Mark Caine books. But can they overcome the fact that Caine always wins? Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) is a conscientious novelist. He is not content to use imagination alone. Every Mark Caine adventure is the subject of considerable research in the cause of accuracy.

This fact has not escaped Charles (NIGEL GREEN) and Edward (MICHAEL BATES). They are very crooked gentlemen indeed, though in the past crime has not paid off too well. It now promises to be more profitable, thanks to the Jason King books. They have hit on the bright idea of carrying out robberies exactly as Jason has described them in such infinite detail. They are aware, of course, that Mark Caine wins in the end, but they take this into account by leaving evidence which will point to Jason King being the criminal, emulating in real life the crimes he has written about. It all seems as easy as A.B.C.

Faithfully following Jason's details in one of his books, Charles and Edward bring off a coup in Munich, robbing a diamond merchant's warehouse. True, things don't go strictly according to plan, but they overcome these minor mishaps and they are delighted to see Jason being interviewed by the police. Inspired by this success, they turn to another book when they learn that Jason has gone to Vienna. And Vienna is the setting for a book which has described the theft of solid platinum medallions. Unfortunately, there is more than a serious mishap this time. A security guard is killed, and that wasn't in the book.

Nevertheless, the robbery itself is a success and, once again, Jason is implicated, this time with a girl-friend Arlene (YUTTE STENSGAARD), who has been used as the inspiration for one of the characters in a Mark Caine book. Arlene is abducted by the two crooks, and Jason has no alternative but to take matters into his own hands, both to protect himself and find Arlene. Not that he need worry about Arlene. Jason's heroines know how to get out of difficulties! But with her escape, Charles and Edward are on the spot. She knows too much. They face the dreadful situation of having to try to kill Jason in order to save their own skins, and the plot to do so also comes from a Mark Caine adventure, this time in Venice. It includes trying to trap Jason through a glamorous girl named Mirelle (AYESHA BROUGH) and a gold robbery.

But in the end, of course, Mark Caine always comes out on top, however many hazards he may face................


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"A Kiss For a Beautiful Killer"

The King becomes a pawn in a revolution - but does he really hold the key to the secret both sides are seeking so desperately? Why should the Government of a South American republic be so anxious to get Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) to its country?

The question is a challenge to Jason after he has rejected a request to go there, made by the country's cultural attaché Delphi Mercia (KATE O'MARA) in Paris, to receive an award for his book "Power With No Glory". When an attempt is made to abduct him, he decides that he will go of his own accord and receives the award, in the shape of a medallion, in person from the Minister of Culture, Menendez (PATRICK WESTWOOD), on behalf of the President, Colonel Cordoba (CLIFFORD EVANS).

The reason for the anxiety to get him there in person soon becomes obvious. Attempts are made to persuade him to reveal the identity of the person who had given him information for his book - information which indicates that Cordoba has embezzled American aid. Jason pleads in vain that the story was entirely the creation of his own imagination. Efforts to make him reveal the name of the "traitor" are in vain and Cordoba orders him to be taken to a prison notorious for extracting confessions. Jason doesn't reach the prison, though. He is resuced en route by revolutionaries headed by Rodrigues (ALEX SCOTT) ..... and Delphi Mercia!

They, too, want him to reveal the source of his information. With it they could overthrow Cordoba without bloodshed. Delphi uses her attractive wiles to try to make him talk, and she is obviously attracted to him. His insistance that the book was entirely fiction at last throws doubts into her mind and it becomes clear that little help can be expected in this direction. The alternative plan of assassinating Cordoba must therefore take place, and when lots are drawn it falls to Delphi to carry out the killing.

It is only by chance that Jason discovers that Cordoba is aware of the plan. The medallion presented to him is, in fact, a miniature radio transmitter. He has been bugged. But is is too late to reach Delphi. She is already on her way to keep her assignation with death, walking into a trap. Two can play at the same game, though. Jason turns the tables on Cordoba by broadcasting false information via the bugged medallion.......

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Episode: "A Page Before Dying"

A Jason King novel describing how a man is smuggled across the East-West German border lands its author in a danger-loaded espionage plot! If Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) has never written a thriller titled "A Page Before Dying", he would have saved himself a lot of discomfort. For the book describes an ingenious way of smuggling a man from East to West Berlin by hiding him in a safe, and when the British want to get a man named Gorini (OLAF POOLEY) out of West Berlin, Whitehall's Sir Brian (DENNIS PRICE) decides to make use of Jason's book ... and of Jason himself. Ryland (RONALD LACEY), one of Sir Brian's agents, sets the ball rolling by arranging for Jason to be lured to West Berlin on the pretext of a fabulous offer for the film rights in the book. Unfortunately for Jason, America's C.I.A., represented by Jenson (RYCHARD WYLER). also want Gorini.

Even more unfortunately, East German Security are well aware of what is going on. It's difficult to keep Secret Service secrets from other Secret Services! The British have even started an export business in safes with East Germany, and in charge of this is an attractive espionage agent named Ingrid (MADELINE HINDE). Jason is up against formidable opposition in his determination to refuse to collaborate in the plan for him to be smuggled into East Berlin in a safe and return the wanted Gorini in the same manner. But he is tricked into entering the safe and is unable to get out. The next thing he knows is that he is in East Berlin!

The authorities are waiting for him and he is trapped. It seems as though Gorini is trapped, too. Both Jason and the East Germans believe him to be hidden in a safe, but when it is forced open, he isn't there. Gorini has been smuggled out of the country by an entirely different method. Maybe the East Germans knew what Whitehall had in mind; but Whitehall, in turn, knew that the East Germans knew! Jason realises that he has been used as a decoy. He also realises that he is in grim danger.

After all, a novelist is expendable! Whitehall has tricked Jason King, the C.I.A. and the East Germans alike, but what of Jason's future? It's something he himself has to take care of, and Sir Brian has an embarrassing surprise ahead....


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Episode: "A Red Red Rose Forever"

A red rose has a dangerously prickly thorn for Jason King when it identifies him as a hired killer. The collapse of an aircraft passenger, James Carson (MIKE PRATT), causes a stir when Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) is flying to Switzerland.

Jason gives a helping hand to the ailing Carson, who is taken off in an ambulance on arrival, leaving behind him a bunch of red roses. The pretty stewardess, Anne Winters (ISLA BLAIR), insists on Jason taking them, little guessing that this is going to involve them both in dire danger. For a red rose is a form of identification for Carson, a hired killer engaged on lethal mission by a Dr. Claudel (ALAN MacNAUGHTAN), who runs a Swiss clinic.

Carson is needed in a plot in which Professor D'Arblay (TONY STEEDMAN) is involved to rob the Swiss bank of which he is the custodian of deposits of a highly valuable deposit - a sensational document that had been placed in the Professor's keeping on the day of Adolf Hitler's death. D'Arblay is alarmed when approached by a West German Security agent, Carl Hartman (DEREK NEWARK); but worse is to follow. Dr. Claudel's beautiful assistant Simone (BARBARA MURRAY), seeing Jason arrive at the airport with the red roses, jumps to the conclusion that he is Carson, soon makes his acquaintance, and hands him a case containing a telescopic rifle, saying he will receive his instructions later. The intrigued Jason decides that this is something that cannot be ignored and seeks out Anne Winters to ask her which hospital Carson is in; he also taken advantage of the opportunity to date the attractive Anne, who thus finds herself closely involved in the events that follow. Though ill, Carson discharges himself from hospital and makes his way to the clinic, revealing to Dr. Claudel that he is the man Simone should meet. Claudel is thus aware that Jason is an impostor but decides to take advantage of the situation. He makes contact with Jason who, with Anne, accompanies Claudel in his car, which draws up outside the clinic. A window is indicated.

In a few moments, the victim will be checking in and will be in clear line of sight for the assassination. The victim is Professor D'Arblay. As he sees him, Jason also sees James Carson and realises that Claudel is aware of the deception. Forced at gunpoint to fire, Jason aims at the electric light. Yet when light is restored, the Professor is lying unconscious on the floor. His death is reported to the police. Jason, though, has taken the precaution of fixing a camera to the rifle.

At the moment he fired, the photograph shows Carson with a gun pointing towards the Professor. For Claudel, everything has gone smoothly. The final chapter can now be played out. But Jason has some more investigations to make, and Anne has to face a menacing Carson. before the truth is revealed, very much to Carl Hartman's delight.


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Episode: "Uneasy Lies the Head"

Jason receives a shock when shown newspaper cuttings with pictures of him in Istanbul. But his is in Paris. Who is impersonating him - and why? In a Whitehall office, Colonel Davut (HAROLD KASKET) of the Istanbul police and delegates from Britain, America, France and Russia are discussing ways and means of combating an international narcotics organisation which has Istanbul as the shipping port for raw drugs from the East to be forwarded for processing in the clandestine factories of Europe and America.

But they cannot agree who should take charge of the investigation until Ryland (RONALD LACEY), representing the British department concerned, comes up with the suggestion that Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) would be the right man for the job. The delegates agree, but Jason doesn't. He has other things on his mind. One is that his publisher Nicola (ANNE SHARP) is harassing him for delivery of his next book. He is also engaging a new secretary - not unexpectedly selecting the most glamorous applicant of them all, Shelley Blackman (JULIET HARMER). She has just joined him in his Paris apartment when a telephone engineer calls.

There's something familiar about him, but Jason fails to place him as the taxi-driver who recently drove him to London Airport and the airline steward on the journey from London to Paris. The man is Trim (LANCE PERCIVAL), who turns up again when he follows Jason in his car. Jason feels himself becoming drowsy but manages to bring the car to a halt before he loses consciousness. Trim promptly puts Jason's car into motion and after it has crashed into a tree and when Jason returns to consciousness, his leg is in plaster and he is told he has multiple fractures. Another shock for Jason is when an irate Nicola arrives with the accusation that he has been neglecting his work. She has newspaper photographs showing him in Istanbul.

Trim is out there, impersonating him and getting himself caught up with a couple named Sonja (KARA WILSON) and Shimoon (SANDOR ELES), with the result that he disappears and Colonel Davut issues a warrant for the arrest of "Jason King". It's time for Jason to act, especially when Ryland admits that he has tricked him. Trim is a member of his department, given the task of studying Jason so that he could impersonate him, and now in dire trouble. Shelley is also in the plot: it was she who drugged him before he went out in his car. But there is nothing wrong with his leg. That's a fake, too. Jason really has no choice but to fly to Istanbul and sort it all out......

Director: Cyril Frankel

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Episode: "Wanna Buy a Television Series?"

When Jason King sets out to sell a series of Mark Caine novels for television, he finds adventure isn't a saleable commodity. Author Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) decides that it is time his character Mark Caine reached a wider audience. It is time for Mark to venture on to the screens of the world's TV screens. The trouble is, trying to get Caine "on the box" is far harder affair than any of the adventures that Jason has ever dreamed up in his own private world of fiction.

The chief bugbear seems to be to get network controller Harry Carmel (DAVID BAUER) to listen to the story that's to introduce Caine without any interruption. Carmel wants the Mark Caine series to be just like all the others - but Mark Caine is far, far from being a carbon copy adventurer. Trying to interest Carmel in the series, King tells one story that shows the kind of intrigue that usually faces Caine ... The story starts with the release from prison of Frank Calder (JAMES DONNELLY), who promptly flies to Switzerland to team up with Litchfield (JAMES WARWICK), who has arranged that a strange operation should be performed in his mountain clinic. The arrival of Calder sees the completion of the operation, and the two men anxiously watch as doctors unwrap bandages from around an unknown girl's face. At last it is revealed that the operation has been a success.

The girl is an exact replica of Michele Andre, who died two years before in a mysterious fire. King's story to the television magnate continues. Michele (ANNA PALK) is taken to the South of France, where Calder and Lichfield arrange for her accidentally to meet Umberto Bellini (DEREK FRANCIS), known as a receiver of stolen property. They tell Bellini that Michele (or the girl who now plays the part) was the victim of an accident that nearly killed her. Now, she suffers from amnesia, and the last two years of her life are a mystery. Bellini, as expected, tells them that he had known Michele years before, but says that she had walked out on him. He had tried to find here, but she had disappeared from his life. King explains that all this time, Mark Caine is just an interested onlooker to the proceedings.

But there is something about the beautiful Michele that intrigues him. When an attempt is made on the girl's life - gas crystals are substituted for her bath salts - he determines to find out what is going on. He tricks Bellini into leaving France to make certain his 'business' is still alright, and follows. Calder and Lichfield, in turn, follow on.

The scene, as described by King, switches to Salamis, a small village near Athens, where things begin to reach a head. Bellini, it appears, resells most of the stolen property he buys, but there are certain items he keeps for his own private collection. They are worth millions. The riches are kept in an ancient Greek mausoleum, and it is there that everyone meets up. Needless to say, King arranges his story so that Mark Caine ends on top.

The villains are, as usual, defeated. While he has been telling the story, King has been getting more and more frustrated. Carmel has continually interrupted to insert small pieces of dialogue and action that will make the story exactly the same as any other on TV. Now that his hero has won the day, King determines to do the same. He stands, and pointedly tells Carmel that when the Mark Caine series does reach television, his audience ratings will drop. Caine, says Jason King, will be on another channel.


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Episode : "Toki"

Jason King falls in love with a gangster's girl friend - and finds that the arrows of love can lead to death. Olivier (DAVID BUCK) is a man with a mission. He wants to steal one million franc's worth of emeralds from Paris' Orly Airport. And he needs the help of gang leader Jean le Grand in order to carry out the raid. But le Grand (KIERON MOORE) knows that Olivier would very much like to steal his girl as well. That's why he sets his watch dogs to keep an eye on the girl, Toki (FELICITY KENDAL), to see just how much interest she pays in Olivier.

Toki knows too much about the gang. She knows that le Grand plans to turn the tables on Olivier, for instance, to kill him when he's stolen the jewels. And that's where Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) comes into it. Jason is fighting to complete a new novel on time, but things are not going well. Taking a break from typing he sees Toki in a cafe and, always ready to give a pretty face a second glance, introduces himself. Gradually, he falls in love with the pretty gamin, and buys her jewels and perfume, and entertains her at his flat. Through her , too , he meets Olivier. Le Grand is quietly building up a case against the girl.

From the reports he is given, it appears as if King, Toki and Olivier are in League. Could they be part of The Syndicate? King realises he is being followed, and knows that there is trouble in store for Toki. He packs her off to safety in the South of France and waits for trouble to hit. But le Grand turns his killers loose on Olivier first. They fix a phoney car crash, and then set out to find - and kill - the lovely Toki. Le Grand intends to kill Jason King himself, though. He breaks into King's apartment, backed up by the guns of gang members Jules (OLIVER MacGREEVY) and Maunice (YURI BORIENKO), and tells King they are "going for a ride".

King tries to trick le Grand and the others, and there is a fight in which Maurice falls form a window and is killed. King is eventually overpowered, and le Grand takes him to a lonely car dump where he plans to set fire to the car. But somehow King is not worried. Le Grand thinks he's bluffing, pours from a petrol can, and throws a match. But the car does not catch light. Then the police arrive. King has taken his precautions in advance. The petrol can was filled with water, and the gendarmes have been following all along. It seems that the case is over. Le Grand and his gang are in prison, and all that remains is a telephone call to Nice.

But Toki is dead. The gang has beaten King at the end. All that is left is the novel. And a deadline to meet.


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Episode: "To Russia with...Panache"

Jason King is abducted to Moscow to unravel the mystery of three men who have been turned into three tidy piles of ashes. He creates his own Phoenix. It is doubtless an honour for Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) to be regarded by the Russians as the only man capable of solving a mystery which is baffling them, but it is an assignment he might well have refused but for being abducted and transported to Moscow in a wooden crate. He is in no position to argue, and less inclined to do so when the facts are presented to him and he is also provided with the services of a lovely guide named Anna (ELIZABETH COUNSELL) and a bewitching interpreter named Alexi (PAMELA SALEM) as well as three detectives, Porokov (JEFFREY WICKHAM), Krosnic (STEFAM GRYFF) and Kivich (TUTTE LEMKOW).

Jason is greeted by the man responsible for the abduction, the Chief of Police, Colonel Kolkov (JOHN MALCOLM), who presents him with the strange facts and shows him three tidy piles of ashes which represent all that remain of a delegation of workers visiting Moscow. The three men had stepped into the elevator, which stopped on the sixth floor. When the door was opened, only their ashes were to be found. Kolkov is going to have some embarrassing questions to answer unless the mystery is solved.

The mystery becomes even more intriguing when an intruder is chased and drops a bag containing frogmen's flippers. Moscow is a long way from the sea! Investigating the elevator provides Jason with a shock. He has reached the sixth floor when machine gun bullets splatter around him, but the fact that he is kneeling to study the trapdoor of the lift saves him. The trapdoor interests him, and he is told that the elevator shaft goes right down through the basement level and there is no way out at the bottom. Jason has an idea.

He asks one of Kolkov's detectives, Porokov, to find out all he can about the dead men. He also makes some enquiries about Anna. The answers provide the information that the three "murdered" men didn't come to Moscow after all, and that Anna isn't a courier: she is a Police Department operator. Jason's (sic) typical, bourgeois, capitalistic logic convinces him that sheer, greedy crookedness is behind the mystery. Could it be that it would be possible to get into the Kremlin through the base of the elevator shaft?

Would anyone dare try to rob the Kremlin? The frogmen's flippers provide a clue. After all, it would be possible for determined men to tunnel their way to a vault containing fabulous treasures which once belonged to the Czar.......


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Episode : "All that Glisters"

A rare and valuable golden Cellini is stolen - and the debonair Jason King find his love life interrupted seven thousand miles away. The golden Cellini antique salt cellar that was apparently lost in a fire in Italy in 1623 has come to light. It is in the collection of a wealthy Californian, Deshfield (LESLIE FRENCH), hidden away in a secret room in his house on the coast.

That is, until Frankie Luca (LEE PATTERSON) comes on the scene. Then the Cellini is stolen and rushed across the Atlantic, seven thousand miles to Paris where there is a prospective customer willing to pay a cool half million dollars to get it. The buyer is Phillipe de Brion (ANTON RODGERS). who first discovered the Cellini and was tricked by Deshfield into believing it valueless. John Mallen (CLINTON GREYN), a handsome adventurer with a remarkable record of success in retrieving stolen goods, is called in by Deshfield to get the Cellini back, and promptly flies to Paris on its trail. Deshfield's mistress, Martine (JOANNA DUNHAM) follows, ostensibly to keep and eye on Mallen, but in reality to join up with Frankie as she is his partner in the theft.

In Paris, Mallen contacts his old friend Jason King (PETER WYNGARDE) the debonair writer who is taking time off from fiction to spend a few pleasant days with the delectable Jonquil (MADELINE SMITH). Mallen asks King to provide an introduction to de Brion. King senses a new plot for his Mark Caine' novels, and agrees to the introduction at a high-staked game of poker. When Mallen is shot at and nearly killed by a mysterious sniper, King is intrigued, and for the moment forgets his interlude with Jonquil. De Brion has, meanwhile, been contacted by Frankie, who offers to provide proof that he has the genuine Cellini.

Next day, Mallen follows de Brion to the meeting and picks up the trail of Frankie Luca. He breaks into Frankie's hotel room and searches for the missing Cellini. Despite a well-rigged booby trap set up by Frankie to protect his 'investment', Mallen finds the Cellini and takes it from the room. Back at King's apartment he telephones the airline and books a one-way ticket back to California but as he fixes details, King examines the antique.

All that glistens in not gold. The Cellini is a fake.....


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Episode : "All that Glisters, Part 2"

Part 2. The search for the missing Cellini antique switches from Paris to Rome, and Jason King finds that chasing gold can lead to certain death. Having discovered that the golden Cellini antique salt cellar he recovered from the thief Frankie Luca (LEE PATTERSON) is a fake, adventurer John Mallen (CLIFTON GREYN) turns to Jason King for help. King (PETER WYNGARDE) is intrigued by the situation, and agrees to continue the search.

Frankie, having set up the fake Cellini as a trick to put Mallen off the trail, plans to sell the genuine antique to Phillipe de Brion (ANTON RODGERS) for half a million dollars. De Brion has originally discovered the Cellini after it had been missing for 400 years, but had been tricked out of it through a valuer called Vaturin (MICHAEL GWYNN). Now, Vaturin tells Frankie Luca of another buyer in Rome who has offered one million dollars for the Cellini - twice the sum agreed by de Brion.

Frankie is greedy and determines to get both payments as his reward for stealing the antique. He rigs an ingenious electronic bomb, and when the wealthy de Brion sets off for their meeting blows him up. But de Brion had also planned on double crossing Frankie, and instead of half a million dollars he was simply carrying some plain paper in his case! Frankie arranges to travel to Rome with the Cellini, but unknown to him the new purchaser, a wealthy Italian called Angelo Andrea (HANS MEYER) a former member of the Mafia, has sent a gunman to kill him and take the Cellini for nothing.

King and Mallen follow Frankie on board the Paris-Rome express, but they are unable to prevent Frankie being shot and thrown out of the window of the train. Mallen, though, sees the killer leave Frankie's compartment. When they get to Rome, King and Mallen follow the killer, and then trick their way in to Angelo's expensive villa. They figure that Angelo's vanity will lead him to tell them of the Cellini. While they talk there is a caller. It is Martine (JOANA DUNHAM) Frankie's girl friend and partner, come to avenge his death. She shoots Angelo, and is killed in turn by one of his guards.

Angelo manages to stagger to the secret room where he keeps his treasures, and dies looking at his prized Cellini. His cigar, however, sets fire to the room, and though King and Mallen search desperately for a way onto the secret hiding place, they are unable to prevent the villa from burning to the ground. It is poetic justice.

The Cellini, originally lost in a fire in 1623 has returned phoenix-like to ashes. No-one, it seems, has got anything from it. No-one, that is, except King. He sits at his desk and begins to type. It is a new 'Mark Caine' novel - and it's title is "The Golden Cellini."


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