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Hi-Fi News - 3rd March 2011

B&W Zeppelin Air iPod dock

The B&W Zeppelin Air is a new and improved version of the original Zeppelin. It also offers Apple AirPlay as well as improved sound quality. Buy the B&W Zeppelin Air now.

B&W 800 Series Diamond

Bowers & Wilkins have announced the new 800 Diamond Series. All of the new range feature the diamond tweeter design, which has been improved. The new diamond tweeter features a quad-magnet design, which increases effeciency and improves the dynamic range of the top-end performance. A new surround material aids dispersion characteristics, and provides a more stable stereo image while increasing openness.

At the other end of the tonal scale, bass performance has also improved with the introduction of a new dual magnet motor system, which utilises powerful neodymium magnets. This improves the linearity of the bass drivers' performance, therefore reducing harmonic distortion.

Serious work has also gone into the small details that combine to make a loudspeaker special. New Bowers & Wilkins-designed oxygen-free-copper speaker terminals and links ensure the signal quality into the speaker is the best possible. All models' crossovers feature a new design of capacitor using a unique silver, gold and oil construction. This component, chosen subjectively by Bowers & Wilkins engineers, in itself provides a dramatic increase in sound quality.


B&W 800 Diamond

£18500 per pairB&W 800 Diamond page.B&W 800 Diamond available from Phase 3 Worthing.

B&W 802 Diamond

£11500 per pairB&W 802 Diamond page.B&W 802 Diamond available from Phase 3 Worthing.

B&W 803 Diamond

£7500 per pairB&W 803 Diamond page.B&W 803 Diamond available from Phase 3 Worthing.

B&W 804 Diamond

£5750 per pairB&W 804 Diamond page.B&W 804 Diamond available from Phase 3 Worthing.

B&W 805 Diamond

£3750 per pairB&W 805 Diamond page.B&W 805 Diamond available from Phase 3 Worthing.

B&W HTM 2 Diamond

£3950 eachB&W HTM 2 Diamond page.B&W HTM 2 Diamond available from Phase 3 Worthing.

B&W HTM 4 Diamond

£1950 eachB&W HTM 4 Diamond page.B&W HTM 4 Diamond available from Phase 3 Worthing.

B&W DB1 Sub-Woofer

£3250 eachB&W DB1 Sub-Woofer page.B&W DB1 Sub-Woofer available from Phase 3 Worthing.

All available now from Phase 3 Hi-Fi in Worthing.

New Linn Akurate range

New Linn Akurate DS, Kontrol and power amps - Now on dem at Phase 3 HiFi Worthing.

It features a completely redesigned Kontrol pre-amp, which is now a straight stereo unit, as well as a completely reworked Akurate DS, and slightly modified power amps.

After a quick evaluation we can tell you that the improvements are nothing short of dramatic, and we think the styling is also much better.

All models are available in black or silver, with pricing as follows:


Akurate DS

DS Player


Akurate Kontrol



Akurate 2200

2 × 200W power amplifier


Akurate 3200

3 × 200W power amplifier


Akurate 4200

4 × 200W power amplifier


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