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Babylon 5

Babylon 5.

First Babylon 5 title on DVD

The first Babylon 5 title on DVD is due to be released on December 4th DVD. Containing two TV movies, In the Beginning and The Gathering, this seems to represent excellent value for money, and may even tempt me to look at the extras on a DVD for the first time.
Please note that this is a Region 1 DVD, and will not play on most standard DVD players in the UK.

Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers

A new two hour TV movie is to be made, titled Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. In it we will see the return of G'Kar, as well as an otherwise new cast. Doug Netter will again be Executive Producer, along with JMS. Apparently, the studio is so pleased with the script so far that a series is almost a certainty.

The SciFi channel website has a special section dedicated to the show:

Babylon 5 - The Legend of the Rangers.

See the original press release.

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